The PatientGPS™ Learning Experience
The art and science of clinical decision making is a complex process that requires years of education and experience to do well. However, regardless of how knowledgeable and experienced a clinician may be, getting from diagnosis to effective disease management involves many factors, and requires customization for each patient. There are many paths to a clinical decision, and what works for one clinician may not work for another. 

PatientGPS is a highly interactive and patient-centric educational experience that is intended to challenge physicians and other healthcare providers in how they make clinical decisions within the context of actual patient cases, with the ultimate goal of improving patient care. PatientGPS allows clinicians to participate with leading disease state experts in reviewing the elements that go into decision making, and incorporate best practices for engaging the patient in this process.

Along with reviewing and discussing key elements to the decision making process, PatientGPS also reviews strategies for engaging the patient in the process. A participatory decision-making (PDM) style will typically result in improved patient outcomes. However, all patients are not the same. Age, gender, education, socioeconomics, and many other factors play a role in effective strategies for engaging a patient in their own care. Participants in PatientGPS not only learn common strategies to improve patient participation, but will also have the opportunity to discuss specific patient types they have encountered and discuss with colleagues strategies for engaging these patients.

By simulating the clinical experience, and incorporating discussions on effective patient engagement, PatientGPS creates an outcomes-based and practical learning experience that will promote best practices towards improving patient care.